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Doctors decide. Patients benefit.

New Approach Missouri is the campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Missouri. It’s time to let doctors decide what’s best for patients – because providing medicine shouldn’t be a crime.


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Sick. Tired. Ready for a new approach.

I spent a year defending my country in Afghanistan, battling the Taliban in the Kunar Province -- one of the most dangerous regions for American troops.

I returned from Afghanistan five years ago, but Afghanistan never left me. I now struggle with anxiety, sleep, nightmares, pain and PTSD, which I treat with a combination of nerve medication, anti-depressants, Percocet and other pills prescribed by my doctor.

I didn’t always have to take these expensive and addictive pills. Between returning from my tour in Afghanistan and settling down in Jefferson City to live with my wife and 13-year-old stepson, I lived in Colorado where access to legal medical cannabis changed my life.

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The Final Phase of the Campaign Begins Now

Initiative campaigns like ours can be divided into three primary phases: drafting the language of the initiative, signature gathering to access the ballot, and, finally, communicating with voters to persuade them to vote in favor of the amendment. The second phase of our campaign ended when we submitted over 275,000 signatures to the Missouri Secretary of State on May 8. After that, we took some time to shift gears and draw up the strategy for the persuasion phase, but from here until November 8 our sole mission is to earn the votes of a majority of Missourians.

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1 in 26 people will develop Epilepsy

In the midst of a busy campaign year, we cannot lose sight of the most important issue of 2016: ending the prohibition of medical cannabis in our state. Many patients with epilepsy, including children who face hundreds of seizures per day, are seeing fantastic results thanks to cannabis oil.

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Calendar of Events

Jul 26

Medical Cannabis Fundraiser at Cicero's in St. Louis

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 06:00 PM · $25.00 USD

Cicero's in Saint Louis, MO

We're holding a fundraiser at Cicero's in St. Louis to raise money for the 2016 campaign for medical cannabis. Your ticket includes remarks by campaign leaders, including Campaign Manager John Payne and Patrick Mayfield of the Missouri Cannabis Nurses' Association. These campaign leaders will be on hand to personally answer your questions in depth.

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