New Approach Missouri

Doctors decide. Patients benefit.

New Approach Missouri is the campaign to legalize medical marijuana in Missouri. It’s time to let doctors decide what’s best for patients – because providing medicine shouldn’t be a crime.


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We did it!

Jefferson City, MO -- Yesterday afternoon, a coalition of patients, veterans, law enforcement and medical professionals turned in more than 260,000 signatures to place our medical marijuana ballot initiative on the November ballot. If passed, Missouri would become the 25th state to allow state-licensed physicians to recommend medical marijuana to patients with serious and debilitating illnesses.

John Payne with signatures

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On the rise: medical cannabis use among seniors

More and more Americans age 55 and older are using marijuana. Many who previously warned against the dangers of drugs are now cannabis advocates, preaching the medicinal benefits of cannabis in treating the aches and pains of aging. Watch this video to learn more.


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██████████░ 92% of the way there!

235,000/256,000 medical cannabis signatures gathered! To get from 92% of signatures gathered to 100% by May 8th, the next 48 hours are critical -- that's why we're calling for 92 medical cannabis supporters to step up and give any amount by Friday night. 

Your $9.20 donation today will help qualify medical cannabis for the November 2016 ballot and will help us hit 92 donors in the next 48 hours. If our fundraising stays strong for the next 11 days, we will qualify for the ballot.

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