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150,000 Signatures

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We're 58.5% of the way toward our goal of 256,000 raw (160,000 valid) signatures. With just 32 days until the deadline, we need to gather right around 3,300 signatures every day until May 8th. You don't need me to tell you this, but that's A LOT of signatures in a short amount of time. 

Our top notch signature gathering team is capable of hitting the goal, but they need financial support to continue their efforts. Here's what your donation can do for this campaign RIGHT NOW:

Donate $5
Equip volunteers with materials to gather signatures for an hour-long event.


Donate $25
Validate 75 signatures.

Donate $100
Pay for a team of volunteers at a day long event.

Donate $250
Pay for a week of travel by a team of volunteers.

Pay professional petitioners to collect nearly 100 signatures.

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