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We're at 50,000 Signatures!

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We're rapidly approaching the May 8th deadline to gather the 160,000 signatures needed to qualify for the November ballot. So far, we've gathered 50,000 signatures for our medical cannabis initiative. It's a great start, but we need to finish strong. Here's the bottom line: volunteers could make or break this campaign.


If you can help gather signatures in your area, all you need to do is attend a quick in-person or online signature gathering training event. Click here to find a training event near you.




Gathering the remaining 110,000 signatures is a huge task, and we can't meet our target by the May 8th deadline with volunteers alone. To help get medical cannabis on the Missouri ballot in 2016, we have hired a professional signature gathering firm. This firm gathers signatures at a faster rate than volunteers, with greater accuracy, but it comes at a cost. Please consider a donation of $10, $25, or $50 to help fund New Approach Misouri's signature gathering effort.


Time is running out and we can't do this without you,

John Payne
Political Director, New Approach Missouri