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50,000 Signatures Reached!

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I am still counting the signatures being sent in from across the state from the month of July, but I had to stop counting to let you know that we now officially have more than 50,000 signatures in hand! To put that number in perspective, we did not reach 50,000 signatures during the 2016 campaign until March 2016 with only two months left until the submission deadline, instead of the nine months left currently.


(Picture: Vietnam Veteran Jimmie signs the NAM petition at Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield, MO)

Our volunteers have placed the campaign in an excellent position to qualify for the ballot and pass medical cannabis in Missouri in 2018! You can support their efforts by contributing now!

However, what hurt us in 2016 was not the total number of signatures -- it was too few signatures in one particular congressional district. To prevent that, we need timely information such as how many valid signatures there are in each district, which petitioners are getting the highest proportion of valid signatures, and who could use some pointers to improve their validity rate.

That is why in the next few weeks, we will contract with a professional petitioning firm, not only to dramatically expand our capacity to collect signatures, but to check each and every volunteer signature we have against the voter file. That will help us make decisions about where to send our petitioners and ensure an efficient distribution of valid signatures across the priority congressional districts.

It is also not too late to become a petitioner yourself. Check our event calendar for any upcoming volunteer events in your area or contact a volunteer coordinator near you.

Thank you, and here's to the next 50,000!