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A nurse's perspective on medical cannabis

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As a Registered Nurse and founder of the Missouri Cannabis Nurses Association here in Missouri, I see firsthand the dangerous side effects of opioids and painkillers. These addictive prescription drugs ruin lives. Missouri nurses understand patients living here experience greater hardship and discrimination. Patients not only suffer from their debilitating disease, but also from unnecessary medical and legal barriers to safe effective cannabis therapeutics. New Approach Missouri’s ballot initiative offers an extensive list of qualifying conditions for many debilitating diseases and, if passed, would give patients the option to choose medical cannabis, a much safer, effective, and compassionate alternative.

Here’s what worries me: some supporters may think victory is guaranteed now that medical cannabis is on the ballot. While many states have passed medical cannabis proposals in recent elections, plenty of others have failed. With 152 days until election day, we can’t take victory for granted and lose our momentum. 

If this email generates at least $750 for medical cannabis, I will contribute $250 today. Your $25 donation today will make a real impact on this campaign and will get us closer to our goal of $1,000 raised online today. 

If an opposition campaign begins attacking us, we have to be ready to respond -- and that takes financial support. So whether you’ve given $10,000, $10 or have never donated to the campaign, now is the time to contribute whatever you can to make sure this campaign has what it needs to deliver a victory for patients this November.

Thank you for your continued support,
Patrick Mayfield, MSN RN
Founder, Missouri Cannabis Nurses Association

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