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Sick. Tired. Ready for a new approach.

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I spent a year defending my country in Afghanistan, battling the Taliban in the Kunar Province -- one of the most dangerous regions for American troops.

I returned from Afghanistan five years ago, but Afghanistan never left me. I now struggle with anxiety, sleep, nightmares, pain and PTSD, which I treat with a combination of nerve medication, anti-depressants, Percocet and other pills prescribed by my doctor.

I didn’t always have to take these expensive and addictive pills. Between returning from my tour in Afghanistan and settling down in Jefferson City to live with my wife and 13-year-old stepson, I lived in Colorado where access to legal medical cannabis changed my life.

In place of prescription painkillers with more side effects than benefits, I tried medical cannabis. I slept without having nightmares, made it through the day without debilitating depression and saved hundreds of dollars in medical expenses.

But I don’t live in Colorado anymore, and neither do thousands of Missouri veterans and patients like me. We choose to live in Missouri because we have families, homes and lives here.

Despite my love for our state, I am quite literally sick and tired of its approach to cannabis. Patients need access to medical cannabis. We don’t need it in two years or in five years when it will be too late for many of us. We need it now. This year. This November.

As a veteran with medical bills piling up, I don’t have a lot to give. But in honor of this Fourth of July and this campaign’s fight to bring medical cannabis to our state, I am giving $4. I think you can give $4 too.

With love and solidarity,

Joe Reagan
Husband, Proud Missourian and Army Veteran