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August Signature Leaders

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After tallying all of our volunteer signatures from August, I am pleased to report that as of the beginning of the month, our volunteers have gathered more than 63,000 signatures! That represents nearly a quarter of all the signatures we will need to qualify our medical cannabis amendment for the Missouri ballot next November!

After our monthly total dipped below 10,000 for the first time in July, we took advantage of the unusually temperate August weather and gathered 12,163 signatures last month. That makes August our best month for signature collection to date, and we hope to continue building upon that success as the summer turns to fall.

Volunteers have now been hard at work gathering signatures since late January, and they need your help! Will you support them and our effort to bring medical cannabis to Missouri by contributing $10, $25, or $50 now?

We want to give special acknowledgement to the ten outstanding volunteers who gathered the most signatures in August.

10. Douglas Keeth: 341 
9. Kyle Kisner: 403

8. Damien Johnson: 461
7. Trish Bertrand: 485
6. Lance Lenau: 500
5. Daniel Seymour: 567
4. Rita Yencarelli: 620
3. Jeff Mizanskey: 1,281
2. Paula Prentice: 1,317
1. Jennifer Shockley: 1,825

Combined, these petitioners accounted for nearly 8,000 signatures or more than 60 percent of the signatures collected last month! Help them continue their dedicated work by making a contribution of $10, $25, $50 or more now.

When the numbers from August are added in to our running total, the top ten signature gatherers stand as follows:

10. Lance Lenau: 1,757
9. Douglas Keeth: 1,849
8. Kyle Kisner: 1,943

7. Laird Wilcox: 2,180
6. Chris Chesley: 2,357
5. Damien Johnson: 2,398
4. Paula Prentice: 2,420
3. Jennifer Shockley: 3,679
2. Trish Bertrand: 4,375
1. Ann Rohan: 4,637



Support these volunteers and help make medical cannabis a reality in Missouri by contributing $10, $25, $50, or more now! And if you have not yet signed, look for a location near you on our website.

With paid petitioning now underway, we are increasing the pace of signature collection every day. That is fantastic, but it also means that the cost of signature collection will increase along with our signature count. The next few weeks will be crucial to determining our success or failure, so please take a moment now to contribute and ensure that we continue to grow!