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Bradshaw's Trying to Buy the Election

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Brad Bradshaw is trying to buy this election—he has donated $500,000 to his Amendment 3 campaign in the just the last two A3_Negative.jpgweeks!

We need to raise $10,000 online in the final week of the campaign from our grassroots coalition to help stop Bradshaw and get our message out. Can you pitch in to help us stop Bradshaw and pass Amendment 2 to bring medical marijuana to Missouri?

Amendment 3 is funded by a single wealthy backer, Springfield personal injury lawyer Brad Bradshaw. He’s pledged to spend millions to pass it and establish a new medical research institute which he would chair — even though Bradshaw is not a research scientist and has never run a laboratory. Bradshaw even writes himself into the Missouri Constitution as the chairman of a new, unaccountable government bureaucracy that manages use of taxpayer dollars and new industry regulations.

With the election just days away this is our last chance to get our message out and make sure people aren’t fooled by Bradshaw’s TV ads.

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