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Deadline Approaching!

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Next Friday will be the last day of June, which means that it is our final opportunity to raise funds that will be reported on our second quarter finance report. Both donors and the media examine these reports to assess the strength of campaigns, so it's always important for us to have a strong showing at the close of the quarter.

That is especially important this quarter, however, as we currently have an offer of $200,000 in matching funds once we reach $250,000. When I wrote you announcing that offer, we had raised just over $150,000, but we now have nearly $185,000 raised or committed by the end of the quarter!


That leaves $65,000 to go before we unlock the matching funds, and we hope to raise $10,000 of that from grassroots contributions. Can you help us reach the goal by contributing $10, $25, or $50 now?

We are closing in on 40,000 signatures and plan to dramatically ramp up signature production with a paid firm later this summer. We have more than enough time to successfully complete the petition drive before May 6, when signatures must be submitted. Our biggest challenge and limitation is raising the money necessary to make the ballot, and we can't do it without your support.

Please take a moment to contribute now! Whether you can contribute $2, $20, or $200, it's all appreciated and helpful. Together, we will give Missouri's patients the option of safe, legal medical cannabis.