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Defend Amendment 2!

According to a recent article in the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, the Department of Social Services is considering denying government benefits to medical marijuana patients. That’s because of a law prohibiting anyone using an illicit substance from receiving those transfers. However, medical marijuana will not be illegal for anyone possessing a patient card, and the amendment explicitly states that patients in compliance with the law shall not be subject to "arrest, criminal or civil liability, or sanctions under Missouri law."

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To the Missouri Department of Social Services,

Missouri patients should not be penalized for legally participating in the new medical marijuana program. Amendment 2 explicitly forbids government agencies from sanctioning anyone based upon their status as a patient, making any such action not only immoral, but also illegal.

Please respect the will of Missouri voters and the rights of patients and do not implement any rule that would deny benefits to Missourians just because they legally use medical marijuana under state law!

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