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Four Weeks Left

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On May 8, exactly four weeks from today, we plan to deliver over 250,000 signatures to the Secretary of State's office to place our medical cannabis initiative on the presidential election ballot this November. We are legally required to submit 168,000 signatures, but we will not risk the possibility of not qualifying for the ballot because of invalid or illegible signatures, so we are collecting more than 80,000 additional signatures to provide ourselves a comfortable cushion.

We are closing in on 175,000 signatures, so the finish line is in sight, but we won't get there without your help!


You can help give Missourians a choice on medical cannabis this November by doing three simple things:

1. Sign the Petition: If you haven't already signed the petition, please do so at your earliest convenience. You can find a map of signing locations here, and if you can't find a signing location near you, contact the volunteer coordinator for your region. After signing, share this information with your friends, family, and associates on social media and encourage them to sign as well.

2. Gather Signatures: If you've been trained to circulate the petition, put as much time as you can into gathering signatures over the next few weeks. Even if you haven't collected a single signature yet, there is still plenty of time to get started and pick up at least 25 signatures. With just a couple hours each week, you can likely get over 100!

If you haven't attended a petitioner training session, watch and study this video on the rules for circulating the petition and then contact your volunteer coordinator to request petitions and other volunteer materials.

Either way, you should check our calendar of upcoming events where you can sign the petition, gather signatures, learn to gather signatures yourself, and/or have your petitions notarized and turned in. Please turn in filled petitions to your volunteer coordinators as soon as possible, but make absolutely certain to hand them in by May 1 or ship them via UPS or FedEx to me at 3505 Illinois Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63118 by April 29.

3. Make a Contribution: Yes, we send out a lot of emails asking for money -- and with good cause. We are currently gathering about 25,000 signatures each week, and the total cost of the campaign during this extremely intense phase is around $150,000 each week.

From here until May 8, we need every bit of financial help that we can muster. Last month, I wrote a check to the campaign for $1,000, and I am contributing another $100 today. When I ask that you contribute what you can -- whether that's $100, $25, $10, or even just $1 -- I am not asking for something that I won't do myself.


                Donate $10


Now is when we must dig deep, both in terms of our time and financially, to place this initiative on the ballot. Missourians have never had a better opportunity for a strong medical cannabis law, and if we miss it now, we won't get another shot until the next presidential election in 2020 and possibly not even then.

Do not let this opportunity pass us by! Sign, volunteer, contribute, and encourage others to do the same. Together, we can dramatically improve the lives of patients in Missouri, but we need your help today!