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We Did It!!!!

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On Tuesday, we passed Amendment 2, making Missouri the 32nd medical marijuana state. Almost as important, we defeated Brad Bradshaw's Amendment 3 and showed that a grassroots coalition can prevail over a single wealthyThank_You_NAM_(1).png donor seeking power for himself.

And we won these victories in extremely convincing fashion. Amendment 2 received support from nearly two thirds of Missouri voters, with 65% casting a ballot for it. The results for Amendment 3 look like a mirror image of our success, with 68% of voters repudiating it. We won more votes on Tuesday night than anything else on the ballot in Missouri, making medical marijuana more popular than either Senate candidate, ethics reform, bingo, or the minimum wage!

On behalf of all the New Approach Missouri staff and board members, thank you to everyone who voted for Amendment 2 and a special thanks to those of you who donated or volunteered some of your time to gather signatures, work the polls on Tuesday, or distribute campaign literature to your friends and neighbors. This campaign would not have been possible without the hard work of hundreds of ordinary Missourians who believed they could make a difference and made that dream a reality.

We still need your help today, as we must pay our staff and other final expenses. Can you contribute $100, $50, $25, or $10 now to help with these last minute costs?

Finally, if you have questions about the amendment and its implementation, I encourage you to attend the Fall Missouri Cannabis Conference this Saturday at the Arts and Sciences Building on the University of Missouri campus in Columbia from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. New Approach Missouri general consultant and spokesperson Jack Cardetti and I will both speak about the campaign. You can find more information on the event and the many other great speakers here. We hope to see you there!

Vote Today! (plus Election Watch Parties!!)

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Today is Election Day!

Help us get out the vote for Yes on Amendment 2 to bring medical marijuana to Missouri! Doctors, patients, and veterans agree Amendment 2 is the right choice for Missouri, now it’s up to you to bring it home by voting Yes on 2 and No on 3!

Here's what you need to know to cast your ballot and make sure it's counted:

Have plans after you vote? Join us for one of our election watch parties tonight in St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield, or Kansas City! RSVP now →

P.S. We need to raise less than $1,000 to reach our final grassroots fundraising goal. If you can contribute $100, $50, $25, or any amount to help us pay our final bills, please contribute now!

Vote Tomorrow for Amendment 2!

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Tomorrow is Election Day, and we are counting on you to turn out for Amendment 2!

Amendment 2 puts doctors and patients in charge of medical decisions – not politicians and government bureaucrats. And although it’s not the only medical marijuana initiative on the ballot this year, it’s the best for Missourians.

Here’s why Amendment 2 is the right choice:

  • Amendment 2 is a straightforward medical marijuana proposal that would regulate the program through the existing Department of Health and Senior Services. On the other hand, Amendment 3 is a convoluted proposal that would create a Medical Research Board run by one man—Brad Bradshaw, the same man who is funding Amendment 3—who would run the licensing, taxes, and appropriation of those tax dollars.
  • Amendment 2 would place a modest tax on medical marijuana that would help our veterans while Amendment 3 A2-A3_Comparative.pngplaces the highest tax on medical marijuana in the country, gouging cancer, epilepsy, and PTSD patients to pay for Bradshaw's pet program.

How can you help?

Help us prevail over Amendment 3 by supporting our grassroots campaign to bring medical marijuana to Missouri: contribute now, vote tomorrow, and tell your friends!

P.S. Not sure where your polling place is? Find it by entering your address here

Tuesday is the Day!

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We are only 2 days away from the election, and we need your help to get us over the finish line.  

We still need to raise $3,000 of our $10,000 goal to ensure Amendment 2 comes out on top this Tuesday. Help us meet our $10,000 fundraising goal this week by donating $100, $50, or $25 now

Doctors, patients, and veterans know that Amendment 2 is the right choice for Missouri because it says that doctors and patients should be in charge of medical decisions. And that's why it's so important for Amendment 2 to beat Amendment 3 at the ballot box. Amendment 2 gives the power to patients and their doctors, but Amendment 3 would allow a board chosen by Brad Bradshaw -- Amendment 3's author and sole funder -- to run all aspects of the medical marijuana program.

Can we count on your help to bring a real medical marijuana program to Missouri with Amendment 2 and stop Brad Bradshaw's power grab? Let us know now!

P.S. Not sure where your polling place is? Find it by entering your address here

Last Call for Volunteers!

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This is your last chance to volunteer for door knocking, phone banking, and working the polls on Election Day for Amendment 2 and medical marijuana in Missouri! If you would like to help but have not already made arrangements with your local volunteer coordinator, contact me now at Please indicate what part of the state you live in and which jobs -- phone banking, door knocking, and staffing polling locations -- you are interested in.

And while you’re at it, make sure you know where your polling location is by entering your address here.

If you aren’t able to volunteer some time over the next five days, you can help by making a contribution towards our $10,000 online fundraising goal for the final week. We have already raised more $5,000 towards that goal, and those funds will ensure that our volunteers do not run out of campaign literature to give to voters in these crucial final days!

Please contribute $100, $50, or $25 now to propel Amendment 2 to victory on Tuesday!

Amendment 2 is the right choice for Missouri because it says that doctors and patients should be in charge of medical decisions – not politicians and government bureaucrats. Help us turn out the vote by knocking doors, making calls, and getting to the polls!