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Now or Never

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Only twenty days remain until we submit over a quarter million signatures from Missourians to the Secretary of State's office. With so little time left, I will get right to the point: If you want this campaign to succeed, we need to act now.
We are rapidly approaching 200,000 signatures, but we need to gather another 50,000 by May 8 to reach our goal. Together, we can achieve that goal, but we don't have a moment to lose. Here is what you can do today to ensure that Missourians have a chance to vote on medical cannabis this November:
  • If you have been certified to gather signatures but haven't started collecting yet, you still have time  -- but not much! Asking strangers to sign can be intimidating, so we understand that it's not for everyone, but you can get a number of signatures just by asking your friends and family. Post on social media that you are gathering signatures and ask who is interested or host a petition party at your house. Many of the people you know want to sign; they just need an opportunity.
  • Even if you can't gather signatures personally, you can encourage your friends to go sign the petition at the signing location closest to them or make arrangements with the volunteer coordinator in their region to signIf you can bring supportive registered voters together, we will find a way to gather their signatures.
  • Make a contribution of $20.16 now to keep our signature gathering campaign moving. We are on pace to make the ballot, but if our fundraising falters, most of our signature collection will cease. It should come as little surprise that if we stop paying our contracted petitioners, they will stop working. We cannot allow that to happen in these few weeks, so please make a contribution of $10, $20.16, $50, or any other amount now!
Even as close as we are now, if we fall just one signature short, it will result in the exact same outcome as being 100,000 signatures short. We have come too far to settle for anything less than victory on Election Day in November, so I hope you will do everything in your power over the next 20 days to help put this measure on the ballot. Signcontribute, and encourage others to do the same.
We can win this, and I believe we will, but it begins with what you do right now.
DONATE $20.16