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October Signature Scoreboard

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As of the beginning of October, our volunteers have gathered more than 73,000 signatures! Our total for the month of September, was just under 10,000 at 9,883.

Now, that is a solid total for the month, but to complete signature collection on budget and within our current timeline, we need to average 15,000 signatures each of the next four months. That will give us approximately 135,000 volunteer signatures, which will be supplemented by 130,000 signatures from our paid petitioner workforce and place the issue of medical cannabis on the ballot next November.

We are entering the stretch run of our petition drive, and we need your help to sprint across the finish line!

As usual, we want to spotlight the amazing volunteers who gathered the most signatures in September:

10. Daniel Seymour: 328
9. Ann Rohan: 366

8. Jeff Mizanskey: 392
7. Rita Yencarelli: 450
6. Douglas Keeth: 466
5. Russell Holt: 513
4. Ron Plackemeier: 539
3. Sarah Lango: 543
2. Damien Johnson: 617
1. Jennifer Shockley: 659

When the numbers from September are added in to our running total, the top ten signature gatherers stand as follows:

10. Lance Lenau: 1,901
9. Kyle Kisner: 1,943
8. Laird Wilcox: 2,180

7. Douglas Keeth: 2,315
6. Chris Chesley: 2,605
5. Paula Prentice: 2,738
4. Damien Johnson: 3,015
3. Jennifer Shockley: 4,338
2. Trish Bertrand: 4,388
1. Ann Rohan: 5,003

Support these volunteers and help make medical cannabis a reality in Missouri by contributing $10, $25, $50, or more now! And join them by finding a training event on our website or contacting a volunteer coordinator to become a petitioner yourself!

Finally, we are adding a new feature where we recognize every member of the 100 Club, which is every petitioner who gathered 100 signatures or more last month. In addition to the top ten listed above, they are:

Paula Prentice
Jeffrey Frey
Martha Doney
Chris Chesley
Sara Campbell
Zachary DeCarlo
Lance Lenau
Dan Viets
Matt Blind


If you would like to add your name to this list next month, contact your area volunteer coordinator about getting trained and getting active gathering signatures now!