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Off and Running

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Just last week we started training volunteer petitioners and gathering signatures for our 2018 medical cannabis initiative petition, and already we have around 200 volunteers in the field and well over 1,000 signatures collected! Everywhere we held an event, the enthusiasm was overwhelming:
  • In Springfield, volunteers and patient advocates Trish Bertrand and Ashley Markum collected over 300 signatures on Saturday alone, gatheringGathering Signatures in Springfield! many at the Women's March downtown.
  • In Kansas City, our friends at NORML KC led the training of a standing room only crowd.
  • In Saint Louis, around 80 volunteers turned out for a Sunday night training.
  • After several successful signature gathering events over the weekend in Columbia, Mid-Missouri NORML trained 25 new petitioners on Monday.

Many people have asked if we will be holding more petitioner training events, and the answer is an emphatic YES! Here is what we have scheduled currently:
We are continuing to add events as quickly as reasonably possible, so I encourage you to subscribe to our updates on Facebook and on our event page.
New Petitioners in Saint Louis!As you can see, we are moving forward quickly and fanning out across the state. We hope to have more than 1,000 volunteer petitioners trained and gathering signatures by the spring, but that's only possible with sustained support from people like you. Click here to contribute $20 and continue our rapid expansion!

And with a long campaign such as ours, even a small contribution of $5 or $10 a month can add up to a big difference by November 2018, so if you prefer to make a recurring contribution click here now!

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