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Our Most Important Financial Deadline!

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We face our biggest financial deadline of the campaign in just eight days.

Can our team count on you?

Now that our petitions have been submitted to the state, we are building out a truly grassroots campaign to reach every corner of Missouri.

All eyes are on the most critical financial deadline at the end of June. Our opponents will be monitoring the success of our fundraising to gauge the level of support for medical cannabis come November.

Your support right now ensures that we end the second quarter on June 30 – just eight days away – in the best shape possible.

We have set a grassroots fundraising goal in the final week of $5,000.

This is the biggest financial deadline we’ve faced so far. Can you help us?

Your help has gotten this important campaign this far, submitting far more signatures than needed to the state. That was a big deal and our opponents took notice.

Now those same opponents are watching to see how much we can raise from our community. Can you help us reach our $5,000 goal by contributing $100, $50, or $25 now?

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