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Patients are not Criminals.

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In 2015, my first year as a state representative, I faced a choice: lay low and follow more established members of the legislature, as is customary for freshman lawmakers, or stand up for Jeff Mizanskey, a man serving his 21st year of a life sentence for a non-violent marijuana offense. I seized the opportunity, leading a bipartisan effort calling on Governor Nixon to grant clemency for Mizanskey. Governor Nixon listened and commuted Mizanskey's sentence.

Mizanskey was freed a few months later, but Missouri's doctors, who are unable to recommend medical cannabis for patients living in pain, still have their hands tied. This year, we have the opportunity to vote yes for medical cannabis, giving doctors the ability to help patients. This campaign has already done what many thought impossible, raising over $1 million and gathering over 275,000 signatures in a matter of months to put medical cannabis on the ballot.

I always stand up for my Missouri values, which is why I'm officially announcing my endorsement for this medical cannabis campaign. If, like me, you're tired of seeing patients treated like criminals, please donate $5 or whatever you can today. Your support will help build the foundation needed to deliver a victory for patients in November.

Warm regards,

Shamed Dogan
State Representative, District 98
St. Louis County

Save Lives. Give $5.