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Picking up the Pace!

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As we close in on the end of March, our campaign to bring legal access to medical cannabis to Missouri patients is also closing in on 10,000 signatures turned in by volunteers. That puts us ahead of the number of volunteer signatures turned in by this point last year, when we had 8,000 at the end of March. Not only that, but we have an extra year to collect the signatures we need, meaning that we could reasonably exceed our goal of collecting half the 280,000 signatures necessary to qualify for the ballot with volunteers -- an unprecedented feat for a constitutional amendment initiative campaign!
However, to reach our full potential, we must continue expanding our capacity. Last year in April alone, volunteers turned in nearly 20,000 signatures. That's likely an overly ambitious goal without the hard deadline of the state's submission date bearing down upon us. But with the advantages of improved weather and more signature gathering opportunities, volunteers could conceivably gather 15,000 signatures in April and each month thereafter.
But to reach and sustain that pace, we need your help.
Each quarter, campaigns must report their fundraising totals to the Missouri Ethics Commission, and those totals are used by organizational and individual donors to determine which campaigns are viable and where they should direct their financial support. The first quarter of the year ends this Friday, March 31, and we must demonstrate strength in terms of both signatures and fundraising, because the pace of the campaign will dramatically quicken as the spring turns to summer. Not only will we continue building our volunteer infrastructure, but we will bring in a paid signature gathering firm to collect the 40 to 50 percent of signatures not collected by volunteers and validate all signatures in a timely fashion.

As our signature gathering expands, our fundraising must expand with it, and campaign fundraising builds like a snowball rolling down a mountain -- the larger the snowball becomes, the more snow it pulls into its orbit. You can help turn that snowball into an avalanche that will fundamentally change Missouri for the better!
We are setting a grassroots fundraising goal of $10,000 for this final week of the quarter. That's a challenging goal, but certainly not unobtainable, and reaching it will allow the campaign to continue expanding our efforts on all fronts. You can help us reach that goal by contributing $10, $25, $50, or $100 now!

All contributions of $1,000 or less will count towards the goal, so if you are considering attending one of our upcoming fundraisers -- in Columbia this Thursday, March 30 or in Springfield on Wednesday, April 19th -- those contributions will be included in the total, provided they are made before April 1. Regardless of what route you choose to use, you can help make Missouri history and bring medical cannabis to the state by contributing today!