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Signature Leaders

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I have now counted all our signatures from July, and as of the beginning of this month, our total stood at nearly 51,000 signatures to place medical cannabis on the ballot in Missouri!

The total for July was down from previous months, with just over 8,000 signatures turned in. I think that was largely driven by the record breaking heat near the end of the month, which made it not only difficult, but in some cases even dangerous to be outside collecting signatures for very long. So far August has proven far more mild, and we hope that trend will continue, so our volunteers can spend more time in the field.

These volunteers work week after week to give every Missourian the chance to vote on medical cannabis, but they can't get there on their own. Will you support them and our effort to bring medical cannabis to Missouri by contributing $10, $25, or $50 now? 


We want to give special acknowledgement to the ten outstanding volunteers who gathered the most signatures in July. A quick glance at the leaders indicate that the team in Springfield, led by Trish and Daryl Bertrand, did very well at the Ozark Empire Fair!

10. Kyle Kisner: 179
9. Jennifer Shockley: 222

8. Eva Petakovic: 223
7. Sarah Lango: 258
6. Lance Lenau: 273
5. Rita Yenarelli: 286
4. Damien Johnson: 588
3. Laird Wilcox: 771
2. Daryl Bertrand: 838
1. Trish Bertrand: 1,046

Combined, these petitioners accounted for more than half of the signatures collected last month! Help them continue their dedicated work by making a contribution of $10, $25, $50 or more now.

When the numbers from June are added in to our running total, the top ten signature gatherers stand as follows:

10. Lance Lenau: 1,257
9. Douglas Keeth: 1,508
8. Kyle Kisner: 1,540

7. Jennifer Shockley: 1,854
6. Laird Wilcox: 1,916
5. Damien Johnson: 1,937
4. Daryl Bertrand: 2,028
3. Chris Chesley: 2,347
2. Trish Bertrand: 3,890
1. Ann Rohan: 4,637

Support these volunteers and help make medical cannabis a reality in Missouri by contributing $10, $25, $50, or more now! Or you can pledge your support for the entire campaign by signing up for a recurring contribution of $5, $20, or $50 here. And if you have not yet signed, look for a location near you on our website.


Our volunteers have made great strides and will continue to do so, but we won't qualify for the ballot with volunteer petitioners alone. We are on the precipice of greatly expanding our signature gathering efforts, and I hope you will follow these updates over the next couple weeks for major news on that front.

Contribute now to propel our petitioning efforts to the next level and bring medical cannabis to Missouri patients!