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My name is Alice Mangan, and I served in the Army on active duty from 1991 to 1996. I have been diagnosed with service-connected multiple sclerosis, along with major depressive disorder, narcolepsy, hypothyroidism, and degenerative disc disease.


For the past 21 years, I have worked with the Veterans Administration to receive accurate diagnoses and medication schedules that actually relieve my symptoms. I have tried six different pain meds, valium, and antidepressants with no real success in controlling the conditions I suffer from. The side effects from the pharmaceutical cocktails left me in worse condition most of the time.

Often I was left begging for relief from the constant pain, while dealing with constant nausea, itching, and serotonin syndrome as a result of the pill cocktail. Even now, the VA is unable to give me any concrete answers. I had begun to abandon hope of ever being pain-free again.

I have always wondered if  the government would outlaw something that was beneficial to Americans, but I never experienced it firsthand until I went to a legal state and saw how cannabis therapy could improve my life.

For five days in a row, I felt what a pain-free life could be. I was able to be the wife, mother, and grandmother I was meant to be. Veterans who have served this country and defended the freedoms of our people deserve the freedom to consult with their doctors and use the medicines that help them, including cannabis.

My family is well settled in in Southwest Missouri and moving isn’t an option. Please help me -- and the thousands of others like me, who are in dire need of cannabis therapy -- by supporting New Approach Missouri’s petition for medical cannabis in Missouri.

You can help by contacting a volunteer coordinator near you to get involved with signature collection, by making a contribution to the campaign, or both! I know it's not easy to give your time and dollars to a cause, but, this Veterans Day, I urge you to think about the people who sacrificed so much more than that for this country and how this proposal can dramatically improve many of their lives for the better.

Go here to help Missouri veterans get access to the medicine they need by contributing $10, $25, or $50 now!

Specialist Alice Mangan
US Army
Registered Nurse