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The Final Phase of the Campaign Begins Now

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Initiative campaigns like ours can be divided into three primary phases: drafting the language of the initiative, signature gathering to access the ballot, and, finally, communicating with voters to persuade them to vote in favor of the amendment. The second phase of our campaign ended when we submitted over 275,000 signatures to the Missouri Secretary of State on May 8. After that, we took some time to shift gears and draw up the strategy for the persuasion phase, but from here until November 8 our sole mission is to earn the votes of a majority of Missourians.

We know that there are many Missourians who already have their minds made up about this initiative, so we will not direct the bulk of our communications to them. Instead, in August, we will conduct another round of scientific polling to determine which groups of Missourians are most
likely to change their votes on this issue, which arguments are most likely to sway them, and what media will reach them.

The good news is that we know from previous polling that we start out with a substantial lead. However, we cannot let that make us complacent, because there is a tendency for voters to default to the status quo as the election nears. Without a sustained messaging campaign in the run-up to the election, that lead could entirely vanish!

We hope that supporters like you will contribute $200,000 online over the next four and a half months. That is a large sum, no doubt, but online contributions accounted for $100,000 from the beginning of the year to May 8and interest in the campaign will only grow as the political season heats up.

I know that we can count on you to help carry this campaign across the finish line in November and bring medical cannabis to Missouri's patients! A couple weeks ago, I became a recurring donor just like you. I started a $100 monthly contribution to the campaign. Would you join me in supporting the campaign this month with a quick one-time $3 donation?

We should be proud of everything we've accomplished to this point, but it will not amount to much if we don't see the job through to a victorious end.

John Payne
Campaign Manager
New Approach Missouri 



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