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They Can't Stop Us!

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Donate.pngLast month, after the Secretary of State’s office certified Amendment 2 for the November ballot, trial attorney Brad Bradshaw sued to attempt to kick us off the ballot. We knew the numbers and the law were on our side, and I am happy to report that his case was dismissed and, as of this week, he has exhausted all of his appeals.

But the fight isn’t over. This fight goes all the way to Election Day.

Bradshaw is the sponsor and sole donor to Amendment 3, which is a plan to tax medical marijuana at the highest rate in the country. It is an unprecedented power grab. It would place Bradshaw himself in charge of marijuana licensing and allow him to direct the taxpayer dollars -- paid by patients -- to a research board that he would appoint.

New Approach Missouri believes patients should be first. We believe that doctors and patients should be in charge of medical decisions – not politicians, government bureaucrats, or self-serving millionaires.

Help us prevail over Amendment 3 by supporting our grassroots campaign to bring medical marijuana to Missouri.

But it won’t happen without you. Help us win by donating $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can today!