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This is it!

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This is it: the final push of our signature campaign.

If you haven’t signed already, the deadline to sign at one of our permanent signing locations is April 15th. You can findCandace.jpg a map of all locations statewide here or go to our regional maps for Saint Louis, Kansas City, Springfield/Joplin, and Mid-Missouri.

We will still be collecting signatures at events for a short time after April 15, but we will begin final pick ups from our signing locations next Monday, April 16, so ACT NOW! If you have already signed the petition, please share this message with your friends and family and make sure they sign before it is too late.

If you’ve been assisting with gathering signatures, we need you to have them notarized and turned in by April 18th.

You can turn in notarized signatures to your volunteer coordinator or ship them to me at 3505 Illinois Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63118 via UPS, FedEx, or priority mail. (Please do not send them via first class mail, as they may not arrive in time if you do!) If you need help finding a notary, email and I will be happy to assist you.

Finally, can you contribute $25 now to finish signature collection strong?

On behalf of our entire campaign team, I want to thank you personally for your help and support. This is truly a grassroots effort led by hundreds of volunteers from every corner of our state.

With your continued help we will be certified for the ballot and win in November.