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This Memorial Day

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I’m Kyle William Kisner. June 22, 2004 was one of the most important days of my life – the day I enlisted in the Missouri Army Kyle_Helicopter.jpgNational Guard.

I spent over seven years with the Guard, serving in both Iraq and Afghanistan on separate deployments. My job was to work as a Signal Support Systems Specialist, operating and repairing communication systems in the field.

In Afghanistan, I was attached to the 1141st SAPPER Company out of Kansas City. The 1141st was a company of combat engineers and we were tasked with clearing one of the most dangerous roads in the country called Route Alaska. Nearly every day, my guys came under fire or were hurt clearing roadside bombs or IEDs. The work was incredibly hard and grueling.

Three brave, honorable, and courageous men I served with didn’t come home, and I’ve thought about them every day since, but especially around Memorial Day.

I also think about the soldiers like me, who were fortunate to come home, but who still grapple with PTSD, chronic pain and injuries from our deployments.

That’s why I am fighting so hard to pass medical cannabis in Missouri. Will you join me?

Kyle_Petitioning.jpgMy life is a testament to the need for veterans to have access to medical cannabis to deal with PTSD. For years since returning to the states, I struggled with opioid addiction, anxiety issues, sleep deprivation, and chronic pain. I felt alone, overwhelmed, and questioned why I had survived. 

Over the next few months though, I began to connect with other veterans around the state and across the country who were struggling with the same sense of loneliness and depression. These conversations resulted in a critical visit to Colorado, where I met veterans who had access to medical cannabis. They were sleeping through the night, had kicked addictions to prescription drugs, and saw their marriages and relationships strengthened.

Missouri Veterans deserve the same access to these kinds of life-saving treatments. Will you join me in supporting my fellow veterans by helping to pass medical cannabis?

This Memorial Day, I hope you will join me in honoring the sacrifice of so many Missourians who served and paid the ultimate price so that we can live in peace and freedom.



Very respectfully,

Kyle William Kisner