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Vote Tomorrow for Amendment 2!

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Tomorrow is Election Day, and we are counting on you to turn out for Amendment 2!

Amendment 2 puts doctors and patients in charge of medical decisions – not politicians and government bureaucrats. And although it’s not the only medical marijuana initiative on the ballot this year, it’s the best for Missourians.

Here’s why Amendment 2 is the right choice:

  • Amendment 2 is a straightforward medical marijuana proposal that would regulate the program through the existing Department of Health and Senior Services. On the other hand, Amendment 3 is a convoluted proposal that would create a Medical Research Board run by one man—Brad Bradshaw, the same man who is funding Amendment 3—who would run the licensing, taxes, and appropriation of those tax dollars.
  • Amendment 2 would place a modest tax on medical marijuana that would help our veterans while Amendment 3 A2-A3_Comparative.pngplaces the highest tax on medical marijuana in the country, gouging cancer, epilepsy, and PTSD patients to pay for Bradshaw's pet program.

How can you help?

Help us prevail over Amendment 3 by supporting our grassroots campaign to bring medical marijuana to Missouri: contribute now, vote tomorrow, and tell your friends!

P.S. Not sure where your polling place is? Find it by entering your address here

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