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We Can't Do This Without You!

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Donate.pngIf you don’t want to end up with the highest tax rate on medical marijuana in the country, we need your help to pass Amendment 2 and defeat Bradshaw’s Amendment 3.

Unlike our grassroots campaign, Amendment 3 is funded by a single wealthy backer, Springfield personal injury lawyer Brad Bradshaw. He’s spending millions to pass Amendment 3, which would put a 15% tax on medical marijuana — twice as high as any other medical marijuana tax rate nationwide. It would also place Bradshaw himself in charge of marijuana licensing and allow him to direct the taxpayer dollars -- paid by patients -- to a research board that he would appoint.

We need your help to defeat Bradshaw’s plan. Help us win by donating $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can today!

We have already raised more than half of our $10,000 end of quarter goal.

Contribute now to help us reach that goal and prevail over Amendment 3!

Our plan is a simple, straightforward measure backed by a coalition of Missouri veterans, doctors, nurses, and patients’ groups like the Missouri Epilepsy Foundation. We will put the Missouri Department of Health in charge, not a single man, and impose only a small 4% tax that would pay for the program and go towards veterans’ services in Missouri.

But it won’t happen without you. Help us get there by contributing today!