How to Get Medical Marijuana in Missouri: Steps and Process


Medical marijuana has become a reality in many states in the United States, including Missouri, where it can be prescribed to patients to improve their health. If you are interested in obtaining medical marijuana in Missouri, it is important to understand the process you will go through.


The first and most important step is to make sure you qualify to use medical marijuana under Missouri law. This usually means having a diagnosis of one of the medical conditions on the list that can be treated with marijuana.

Physician’s Prescription

Get a prescription from a licensed physician who is eligible to participate in Missouri’s medical marijuana program. The doctor will evaluate your condition and decide if medical marijuana is appropriate for your treatment.


Apply for medical marijuana at an authorized organization or website provided by the Missouri authorities. The application will include information about you, your medical condition, and a prescription from your doctor.

Obtaining an ID card

After your application is reviewed and your qualifications are confirmed, you will receive a medical marijuana ID card. This ID card will verify your eligibility to use medical marijuana in Missouri.

Buying with an ID card

With your ID card, you will be able to visit licensed medical marijuana stores in Missouri. There, you will be able to get advice from professionals and purchase products suitable for your treatment.


It is important to follow all the rules and guidelines for using medical marijuana in Missouri. Make sure that you only use the products according to your prescription and your doctor’s advice.

Obtaining medical marijuana in Missouri is an organized and strictly controlled process. By following these steps and working with licensed doctors and organizations, you will be able to access treatment using medical marijuana in accordance with your state’s laws and regulations.

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